We have a large group room on our 2nd floor.  We are looking to offer classes, workshops, trainings, classes, etc. to a wide variety of topics and ages.  Cost for using the room is negotiable.  Please contact Steve Shefchik or Vanessa Blanchette if you have an questions.

Please see our current schedule below:
Featured offering:
Saturday, Dec.8th from 10am to Noon

Intro. to The Four Agreements (by Don Miguel Ruiz)

Sign up by email: marylou@new.rr.com.  There is no charge for the class.

What kind of agreements are you living by?  This workshop will bring insight and understanding that is of practical use and can be applied to every interaction of your life.:at work, home, with friends, or family.  It will absolutely make a difference in every relationship and as a result you will be on a path to less drama and more peace.  The teaching is based on the book "The Four Agreements Companion Book".  It is not necessary for the workshop.  The book is available on Amazon or at the workshop.

Mary Lou Sheedy's life passion and purpose have been rooted in personal development.  She has lived in Green Bay for her entire life and has always found ways to contribute to well-being.  Whether at work, in leadership, through training, or group studies, her goal is to add value by making a difference in the lives of others.  On a professional level Mary Lou's qualifications include more than 30 years in management, training, and team support.
Sunday's: 8-9:30am Group Meditation Practice
Monday's: 9-10am PFC staff meeting
Thursday's: 6-7:30pm Group Meditation Practice

Oct. 5th & 6th- Brainspotting & Addictions
        (see Brainspotting website for more info)